Ronald Jackson, a 41 South Ozone Park man, was arrested in connection to a five month investigation into the rape of an 11 year old girl.  Police uncovered his whereabouts with the help of office workers who traced his calls using *69.  Police aren't sure of his identity because he carried multiple forms of identification with different names.  He was living with his girlfriend who is the victim's aunt, in a two-family Lakeview house.  The girl was raped by the suspect at least six times between December and March.  The victim confided in a girlfriend who told school officials, who then called the victim's parents and police.  The victim and her parents went to police on March 2 and since then they were trying to find the suspect, who appeared to have been moving around and using different names.  An office worker at a construction company where the suspect occasionally called for work was asked by police to trace his call by dialing *69.  The suspect called the construction company on Monday from a friend's home in Freeport and police visited the house and arrested him.  He was arraigned on charges of first degree sodomy and rape and held in lieu of $150,000 bond or $100,000 cash bail.

In another case, Franklin Diaz, a 30-year-old Oceanside man, went to his former girlfriend's apartment Saturday night and the next morning raped and kept her in her apartment against her will for two days.  He was arrested on Monday in Baldwin.  He was arraigned on charges of rape, unlawful imprisonment, second degree assault, and criminal mischief.  He was held in lieu of $32,500 bond or $22,500 cash bail.

(New York)