An explicit conversation on a pornographic file hosting website led to the arrest of a man fromJacksonville, who is accused of wanting to meet up with a mother and her 8-year-old daughter forsex. The mother turned out to be an undercover deputy with the Palm Beach County Sheriff'sOffice.

“My name is rob and tell me more about u and ur daughter, read one message, according toa report from the Sheriff's Office.

Investigators arrested 31-year-old Robert David Rhodes on June 30 on a charge of solicitation ofa parent.

Authorities said Rhodes made contact last summer with an undercover detective who had a profileas a single mother under the dating/romance section of the website.

Investigators said Rhodes claimed to be a single father.

The Sheriff's Office said his profile advertised him as a man from Pennsylvania, who isinterested in incest pornography. The tag line read, moms get me.

Detectives said Rhodes sent a photo of himself to the undercover investigator and made plans tomeet in person in West Palm Beach.

Investigators said Rhodes asked, So whose bed would I b sleeping in when I come down.(?)

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office made contact with Rhodes last July at his work and identifiedhim as a registered sex offender, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators there said he's on sex offender probation and monitored with GPS device.

Investigators in Palm Beach County said the meeting never took place.

Rhodes is being held on one count of obscene communication-use computer to solicitparent/guardian.

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