MAN’S BEATING BLAMED ON SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY (Disabled Victim Lives at Former Home of Molester)

Thinh Pham, a 27 year old Vietnamese immigrant, was playing ball with children in the neighborhood when he was approached by four men shouting, Child molester!  They pummeled his face, knocking out four of his front teeth thinking he was a pedophile because his address was listed in the state's sex offender registry.  He just happens to live at an address a sex offender called home months before.  Pham is not a convicted sex offender.  Now Pham's beating has raised new questions about the recently expanded registry.  Pham has the mental capacity of a sixth grader and lives in a group home with four other disabled adults.  A sex offender had lived there but moved and the state's sex offender list was never updated with that information.  Two men have been arrested on felony charges of injuring a disabled person stemming from the attack and police have arrest warrants for two others.

(Dallas, Texas)