Kevin White, the 34 year old man accused of being the vicious East Side rapist, has a staggering 27 arrests on his rap sheet, but has never spent more than six months behind bars.  He was convicted 25 times for crimes ranging from fare-beating to peddling pot to weapons possession from October 1989 to November 2002.  He was also arrested in the alleged rape of a Brooklyn call girl in 1998, but officials did not know the disposition of that case.  Another lesser charge was dismissed too. In the other 25 arrests, he was charged with four sexual attacks and robberies, copped a plea and received sentences mostly ranging from conditional discharge to 60 days in jail.  

He struck again January 29, 2004, sexually assaulting a 25 year old man and then forcing him to go to an ATM machine to withdraw money.  A day later, he grabbed a 24 year old woman's pocketbook and fondled her.  The woman hit him over the head with the bag and he fled empty handed.

The 25 separate crimes are:

Charge: Criminal Possession of Weapon

Convictions: 1

Max Time Served Per Offense: 8 Months

Charge: Criminal Sale of Marijuana

Convictions: 14

Max Time Served Per Offense: 60 Days

Charge: Criminal Possession of Marijuana

Convictions: 2

Max Time Served Per Offense: 10 Days

Charge: Disorderly Conduct                                Convictions: 1                                         

Max Time Served Per Offense: 5 Days

Charge: Petty Larceny                                      

Convictions: 2                                         

Max Time Served Per Offense: 60 Days

Charge: Theft of Services (Turnstile Jumping)         Convictions: 3                                          

Max Time Served Per Offense: 0 Days

Charge:Assault                                             Convictions: 1                                          

Max Time Served Per Offense: 0 Days

Charge: Unauthorized use of a Credit Card          Convictions: 1                                          

Max Time Served Per Offense: 0 Days

The alleged Upper East Side sex predator saved his worst brutalities for his male victims, including a vicious violation during which he told one man he was going to go Taliban on him.  This'll cut your insides open, he allegedly taunted as he violated the 25 year old man with a pair of scissors in the victim's East 83rd Street apartment.  I'm going to go Taliban on you [sic] ass and send you to Allah, he added as he allegedly dragged the man around the apartment by a necktie he'd tied around his throat.

The East Side rape charges against White were dropped.

Two weeks ago, White pleaded guilty to raping a Queens woman and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg were accused in a $5 million lawsuit yesterday of maligning the good name of White after he was wrongly arrested for the East Side rapes.

After White was charged with the East Side rapes in February 2004, Pataki and Bloomberg cited the case as a shameful example of junk justice, noting White had been arrested more than 25 times but never served more than six months in prison.   

(New York)