Photo Source: America's Most Wanted

Possible Location(s):

  • Mexico

Long-time Fugitive Troubles California F.B.I.

 Jeffrey McDaniel re-entered his daughter's life when she was just13-years-old.
Photo Source:America's Most Wanted

Sacramento F.B.I. Special Agent Rebecka Brown has a case onher hands unlike any she's worked before.

She's been tasked with finding accused child predator Jeffrey McDaniel -- a man whosecomplicated alleged crimes make hunting him even more difficult than an average fugitive.

Based on what I know of McDaniel, he's extremely manipulative and can probably charm his wayinto any vulnerable person's life, says S.A. Brown.

That's because back in 1998, the vulnerable prey McDaniel allegedly targeted was unfathomable:His own 14-year-old daughter.

According to police, McDaniel left his wife and newborn daughter in 1984. In the years thatfollowed, the little girl had no contact with her father -- until 1998, when she turned 14, andMcDaniel expressed interest in meeting her.

The girl's mother reluctantly agreed, and soon McDaniel began to visit often. Cops say it wasthe beginning of a disturbing and inappropriate relationship built on manipulation.

Cops say McDaniel learned to speak fluentSpanish while living in Mexico and is able to blend in there.

The Unthinkable

 By the time McDaniel's daughter was 14, the FBI says he brainwashed her andcoerced her to run away with him to Mexico -- where he got her pregnant.  Photo Source:America's Most Wanted

According to police, McDaniel spent endless hours on the telephone with hisdaughter, charming her and zeroing in on her vulnerability as a young teen with a troubled life athome.

I would say he targeted her, says S.A. Brown. There were several factors involved here -- herage, the fact she'd never met him, her home life was difficult. He was manipulative and probablyseemed very charming and was able to give her some sort of sense of someone really caring abouther.

As a result, cops say McDaniel and his daughter planned an escape from the girl's mother, whowas growing increasingly worried -- and vocal -- about McDaniel's behavior.

Cops say they traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, hitchhiking and traveling by bus to differenttowns and cities, and settling in a small town near Puerto Vallarta. Cops say it wasduring this time that the unthinkable happened: McDaniel got his own daughter pregnant.

According to police, the two lived as husband and wife, with McDaniel working as a tattoo artistand cook, and his daughter working as a housekeeper and dishwasher.

Cops say McDaniel's daughter believed he loved her and remained loyal to him. But McDanielshowed his true colors two weeks before the baby was due, inexplicably taking off and leavinghis daughter to fend for herself in Mexico.

F.B.I. Warns McDaniel Could Harm Others

 The FBI tells us McDaniel vanished after abandoning his daughter in Mexico whenshe was more than eight months pregnant -- with his own child.  Photo Source: America's MostWanted

Cops say McDaniel's daughter was taken in by a local family untilthe baby was born, and then a nun in the area gave her some money to get to Guadalajara and theAmerican consulate for help.

She was brought back to the United States, where she told investigators everything that hadhappened.

She definitely thinks it was a mistake. She understood it wasn't right and shouldn't havehappened, says S.A. Brown. Not only did he continually have a sexual relationship with her at ayoung age, but he got her pregnant and then abandoned her in a foreign country.

Cops say the nature of McDaniel's crimes are particularly egregious, and believe he is capableof taking advantage of more young, vulnerable girls.

I think he's likely to do it again if he hasn't already, warns S.A. Brown.

Cops say McDaniel learned to speak fluent Spanish while living in Mexico and is able to blend inthere. He may be working as a tattoo artist or in the computer industry.

Police understand many years have passed, but urge anyone in the public who knows where McDanielis to remember the terrible crimes he's accused of committing and do the right thing byturning him in to authorities.

Wanted For:

  • Unlawful Sexual Intercourse , Nevada County , CA ; Sep 1998
  • Incest , Nevada County , CA ; Sep 1998
  • UFAP , Sacramento County , CA ; Sep 17, 1998

(Information valid as of January 27, 2012)