A hideous dark secret has been exposed at Adlai Stevenson HS with the recently videotaped confession of Irwin Goldberg that he sexually abused a former student 20 years ago and exposed himself in the school to try to rekindle the relationship when the former student confronted him about the past abuse. Former Stevenson teacher Jeff Zeitlin and another educator who didn't want to be named, charge that the school was a veritable candy store for a group of child-molesting educators who brazenly seduced children because they knew their co-workers didn't care or were too scared to report it. Zeitlin also charges the bureaucratic Board of Education allows child abuse to flourish. He has spent years exposing the unchecked sexual abuse at the school. Goldberg was yanked out of Stevenson for one month. He was given administrative duties at Theodore Roosevelt HS where had had access to thousands of students despite the videotaped confession taken by the office of School Special Investigator Ed Stancik. According to the New York Post, Stancik did not tell school administrators about the dead-to-rights evidence against Goldberg. School administrators assigned Goldberg, a suspected sex offender, to a school building with thousands of children. Schools Chancellor Harold Levy vowed to ensure that anyone under investigation for sexual misconduct, who cannot be fired outright, like Goldberg, is assigned to administrative duties far away from students. The former dean was hit with a $10 million lawsuit yesterday for allegedly molesting the then 15 year old Mark Taylor for years.  That's when Taylor thought about killing his school dean.  His rage was fueled by the passes he claims the dean sent to Taylor's teacher, summoning the boy to his office for sex.  And by allegedly being raped by the Goldberg shortly before his yearbook picture was taken: That's why I wasn't smiling, he said.  Taylor is now 35 and is still suffering.  He is angry at the state lawmakers who for years have been sitting on several bills that would extend the statute of limitations on sex offenses to help victims like him go after their attackers, in criminal or civil courts.

(New York)