Mexican pop princess Gloria Trevi became pregnant in prison after having sex with a Brazilian federal cop. Trevi, wanted in Mexico on charges of turning teen girls into sex slaves, was held in prison in Brazil for 19 months, and was extradited on Saturday. Manuel Guillermo Trevino, 56, father of Trevi, defended his daughter in Brazil.  I advised her to defend herself, that it was totally unbelievable what they were saying and that I knew that at no moment did she ever participate in these kinds of unimaginable things, he said. After emerging from his daughter's cell, he said that accusations the singer and her manager, Sergio Andrade, kidnapped and sexually abused aspiring starlets were totally unbelievable. Back up singer Maria Raquenel Portillo, known to fans as Maria Boquitas, was also arrested.

Mexico City's attorney general said yesterday he wants to bring Trevi to the nation's capital to face rape and kidnapping charges after he trial is done in the northern city of Chihuahua.  

(Rio De Janeiro)