A decorated Navy captain was found guilty of attempting to have sex with a child and will spend thenext eight years behind bars, forfeit all pays and allowances and will be dismissed from theservice once his sentence is finished.

Capt. Alan Damian Dorrbecker, a 27-year submarine warfare officer currently assigned toSubmarine Force Atlantic, was found guilty by military judge, Capt. Robert J. Crow on one of twospecifications of sexual assault of a child as well as four of five counts of sexual abuse of achild.

Dorrbecker was also found guilty of an orders violation as well as conduct unbecoming an officerand a gentleman. The sentence also means that Dorrbecker will not be eligible for retirement orretirement benefits because he is being dismissed from the service.

He was found not guilty of one specification of sexual assault and one specification of sexualabuse of the same child.

The crimes took place between August and December 2015, when Dorrbecker was serving on the staffof Naval Forces Europe in Naples, Italy.

According to the charge sheets released by Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, Dorrbecker was found guiltyof sending is victim a series of emails in August and September that contained descriptions of awide graphic sexual content.

In November 2015, Dorrbecker is accused of emailing the victim sexual messages indicating adesire to meet, and he was found guilty of an orders violation by using his Navy-issued Blackberrycell phone to arrange the meeting.

Dorrbecker was found guilty of meeting the under aged girl on Dec. 2, 2015, when he“attempted” to have sex with her, according to the details in the specification ofsexual assault for which he was found guilty.

He was found not guilty an additional count of sexual assault that allegedly occurred inNovember 2015.

Dorrbecker was commissioned in May 1990 and served at sea on three fast-attack submarines beforecommanding the fast-attack submarine USS Greeneville from 2007 through 2009, according to hisreleasable information provided by the Navy. He is a graduate of both the Naval War College and AirWar College. (Naples, Italy)

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