The Suffolk Legislature yesterday began addressing heightened concerns in some communities about sex offenders by unanimously adopting two bills and introducing legislation that would expand notification requirements when an offender moves into a neighborhood.  Lawmakers approved a resolution that would require the Suffolk probation department to tell victims and /or their legal guardians when a registered sex offender absconds from supervision.  The lawmakers also approved a measure to prohibit county departments and contractors from participating in the placement of more than one offender in a dwelling.  It seeks to reduce high concentrations of offenders in mastic, Gordon Heights, Coram, Brentwood and other areas with affordable rental housing.

Laura Ahearn, director of Parents for Megan's Law, said she supported the various legislative initiatives but cautioned that they would affect only a small portion of the offender population.  This is the beginning of the process of Suffolk County trying to deal with the clustering of sex offenders in communities, she said.

(New York)