Rhonda Blevins has counted more than 2,000 signatures on petitions backing a law she thinks could have saved her youngest child, 7-year-old Kristi.  She wants juvenile sex offenders included in an Oklahoma law that alerts the public to adult sex offenders in their midst.  On August 19, she and her husband discovered that Kristi and a 12-year-old friend, who had been playing outside, were missing from their home.  The two were found by searchers in an abandoned home.  The 12 year old had been raped and Kristi had been strangled.  Police found 19 year old Robert Rotramel with them.  Rotramel has a juvenile record of detention for forcible sodomy.  He faces murder, rape and kidnapping charges.  Others in Oilton say they knew about his juvenile record but the Blevins' did not.  Rhonda's teenage son worked at a bait shop owned by Rotramel's father and sometimes Kristi and her other siblings visited the shop when Rotramel was there.  Blevins said, if I would have know he was a sexual offender when he was a juvenile, my kids would not have had anything to do with him.  

(Oilton, Oklahoma)