According to BBC News Online, William Hague, Downing Street Spokesman, called for a series of tougher penalties, including extension of the use of life terms for repeat offenders, he also said paedophiles should be restricted from living near their victims and should be under tighter supervision, including electronic tagging.  A suggestion that Britons convicted of sex crimes abroad should be made to sign the offenders' register on their return, was made.  His proposals follow the public's anger over paedophiles living int he community in the wake of the murder of 8 year old Sarah Payne.  

The government will not be rushed into introducing an instant crackdown on child sex offenders.  It is felt that it is important to get this right, even if it takes time, rather than rush into anything.  Two separate reviews affecting the law on sex offenders has already been launched.  A working party to review the operation of the sex offenders' registry was set up in June.  With a public consultation beginning early next year, the group is expected to make recommendations in December.