Rodney Kutzli, 35, of Clearwater, was arrested in 1989 on charges of sexually molesting an 8 year old girl.  He was convicted of attempted sexual battery on a child and handling and fondling and sentenced to 20 years in prison.  After his release in 1997, he was ordered to serve 10 years' probation, according to court records.  Kutzli went driving recently and followed a 12 year old girl home from school and tried to lure her into his car.  But, because under Florida law, the felony charge against enticing or luring a child applies only to chilren under age 12 and the girl had just turned 12, there was no way to charge him under the law.  The detectives were forced to take off the handcuffs and release him.  Kutzli told police he didn't do anything wrong, he claims he was just singing a song, and he wasn't trying to lure the girl.  According to APB, the incident began when the girl was walking home from school last month, according to police reports.  He allegedly pulled up next to her and asked, You want some of me?  Come on, get in the car.  The girl ignored him and kept walking, he was still following her when her mother, who was late picking up the child from school, pulled up.  The girl got into her mother's car and told her what happened and the mother followed the suspect's car.  She chased him through red lights all the while screaming to bystanders to call the police.  The mother managed to run up to the car at an intersection and open the driver's door.  That is when she got a good look at him.  Then the light changed and he took off and got away.  Earlier, she had written the car's make and license number on her hand as she drove.  At another intersection she saw an officer and flagged him down.  The mother and daughter both identified Kutzli after police caught up with him a short time later.  Once the detectives ran a background check they discovered his prior conviction but then had to let him go because of the age limit.