George Johnson, a 69 year old New Jersey piano teacher, not only used a tiny hidden camera to make 1,100 videotapes of students and others who used his toilet, he also wired the bathroom for sound.  Johnson was nabbed July 1, 2004, after someone working in the basement of his townhouse tipped cops about video wires that connected to a VCR.  He had two prior convictions for sex-related crimes in 1962 and 1982, but was not required to register his presence in the neighborhood because Megan's Law did not take effect until 1996.  Most of the victims are turning out to be young kids.  As of now, cops have identified 44 people on the tapes ranging in age from 6 to 72.  They said that of those, 22 are under 13 years old.

Johnson pleaded guilty on November 14, 2005, to videotaping the kids and their parents, a total of 60 people.  Prosecutors will recommend a 10-year prison term when he is sentenced February 17, 2006.

(New Jersey)