‘PERV’ ATTORNEY NEXT DOOR (Town’s fear after sex bust)

John Atchison, a 53 year old federal prosecutor, married father of three, and respected figure who coached girls softball and basketball in a park a few blocks from his home, was arrested last weekend in Detroit in an Internet sex sting on charges he traveled to Michigan to molest a 5 year old girl.  Officials say he later tried to hang himself in jail.  Atchison had been communicating with an undercover sheriff's detective from Macomb County, Michigan, posing online as the fictitious girl's mother and arranged from him to have sex with the child.  He was arrested carrying presents for her, including a doll and earrings, and sexual materials.  He has been charged with three felonies in Michigan, including crossing state lines with the intent to have sex with someone under 12.  he could get up to life in prison.

(Gulf Breeze, Florida)