The state's top court reinstated Jeffrey Kozlow's conviction for attempting to send sexually charged e-mails to a 14 year old boy, who turned out to be an undercover cop.  The 5-2 Court of Appeals ruling overturned a lower court's finding that state law, as written, prohibits only the dissemination of explicit pictures and other images, not words.  The court cited a recent national study that found just 18 percent of Internet sex predators sent sexual pictures to their underage victims.  In reinstating the 2005 conviction of Kozlow, a Manhattan lawyer, the Court of Appeals sent the case back to the Appellate Division to consider other issues.

Kozlow was sentenced to five years' probation on December 11, 2007 for admitting to having solicited sex online from the undercover cop posing as the boy.

(Albany, New York)