New York Post/John Lehmann

John Hudak, a 41 year old former cop, Anthony Agelire, a 59 year old former NYPD transitofficer, Rafael Deleon, a 45 year old sergeant first-class at West Point, and Edward Pisarek, a 52year old ex-Yonkers firefighter, were among 10 people charged yesterday with possessing childpornography. They joined a kiddie-porn Internet club called The Candyman so they could fawn oversick pictures of young children having sex. The 10 men were among the second wave of arrests in theNew York area triggered by a national crackdown that has nabbed more than 100 accused pornographerssince December 2000. The men were released on bonds of up to $250,000 late yesterday and face up tofive years in prison if convicted.

Hudak was reduced to a quivering mess yesterday when he was sent to prison for two years andthree months. He begged the Manhattan judge to spare him from prison, saying he didn't know how hewould survive in prison as a former cop convicted of possessing child pornography. The judge saidhe did not fear for Hudak's safety in prison, saying his case had not attracted the same attentionas that of police officers involved in the Rodney King beating and the Abner Louima assault.

(New York)