PERV’S PLOT TO MAKE BOY A COHORT (2nd kidnap after ‘rebellion’)

Michael Devlin, 41, has been charged with first degree kidnapping and forcible touching.  William Ownby, a 13 year old boy who vanished near his home in January 2007 and was missing for five days and Shawn Hornbeck, a 15 year old boy who was missing since 2002, were found in a house belonging to Devlin about 60 miles away in St. Louis.  Devlin has pleaded not guilty to the kidnapping charges.

Devlin was indicted on March 1, 2007 on federal charges that he took pornographic pictures and videos of one of the boys.

In the months before he kidnapped Ownby, Devlin told Hornbeck he was going to kidnap a new boy and Shawn fought him.  Shawn told Devlin that another child should not have to endure the horrors he had been put through.  To tighten his psychological hold over Shawn, Devlin took him along on the kidnapping of Ownby.  He told Shawn that running to the police would get both of them arrested.  Devlin told Shawn that he planned to kill Ben after abusing him and had no intention of taking the risk to create another son.

Devlin has received 20 consecutive life sentences, making him ineligible for parole until he is more than 100 years old.

(Kirkwood, Mo.)