March 2008 National Sex Offender Email Alert Program

Parents for Megan's Law recently received a federal grant to create a National Sex Offender Email Alert with Mapping program. When our new Website is launched (expected May 1st) you will be able to select up to 50 zip codes where you will be alerted if a sex offender moves in or if any registry information changes on an offender already residing within a selected zip code. Once you receive your alert via email, you can click on a link which will bring you to that specific sex offender notification - it will include a photo and other important details about the offender and the crime. You can search the registry in all 50 states and map out offenders by 1/4, 1/2 and 1 to 5 mile intervals. Additional features will include the inclusion of public schools and day care centers in the mapping function. Registration will be done online with no hassle. Look forward to the upcoming launch.

This program would not have been possible without the support and assistance of Senator Charles Schumer, Congressman Timothy Bishop, Congressman Steve Israel, Congressman Peter King and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy - better known as the Long Island Delegation

Be aware that most sexual abuse happens with someone a child or an adult has an established and trusting relationships with. Use this information responsibly and open up a dialogue about prevention. Parents are the first line of defense against sexual victimization. Visit the Prevention area of our website to get up to date prevention information.