July 2000 - Laura Ahearn Unites and Organizes A Force

We launched our website only three months ago and tens of thousands of you from across our nation (and world) have teamed up with us to become a force of parents united with no tolerance for sex offenses committed against our most vulnerable, our children.

We started our organization as a small group of outraged parents hand copying the NY State Sex Offender Registry to put on the internet therby ensuring greater accessibility.

Although we were unhappy that our state refused to provide us public information directly, we were grateful for their refusal because we made a shocking discovery. Children were being horribly victimized and there was little if any jail time sentenced for their crimes. This is not unique to New York as we have discovered in registries across the nation. After launching our site we knew we had to take action to make this more known to you, ultimately to change this across the nation but we never expected what was to come.

Our phones have been inundated with many of you coming to us with incredible and unbelievable "Stories Of Injustice" relating to the brutal sexual abuse of your children and the subsequent unforgivable betrayls you experienced in our criminal justice system. Your stories have outraged all of us as parents and as citizens of united states with expectations that our laws were protecting and bringing justice to victimized children.

The children of our nation are suffering at the hands of sexual predators who count on their silence and on us not being powerful enough to make changes because of our prior lack of organization.

Sex offenders victimizing our children have a lot to protect and fight hard to resist punishment, registration and notification. The families of those children who were victimized are often too traumatized, don't want to revictimize their children in our courts and lack community and financial support to fight back.

We want to help fight back and we need your help. We would like to offer to you the opportunity to be a voice with us to make changes that bring justice to children and their families across the nation.

I have been contacted a number of times by the BBC for interviews but need to hear more from the community if you want my support for a grass roots effort to put into place a sex offender registration, notification and community education system in the UK, please email me at lasb2@aol.com

We are grossly understaffed and underfunded and you can help us.


Please make a tax deductible donation to Parents For Megan's Law. Go to the make a donation area and act now. Societal changes requires grass roots efforts and community organizing which ultimately requires funding. If your employer makes community donations please speak with them about us. If you are connected to a foundation please help to establish communication between us.

We are in need of representatives across the nation. If you have already expressed interest please be patient as we are assigning PFML reps to assist you. Email us at the contact us button to express your interest.

We need legal assistance across the nation to advise and defend us, conduct research, assist in drafting legislation, defend select children/families, speak and participate at press conferences (and interviews) and interface with the courts and criminal justice system. Use the contact us button to express interest.