June 2001 Judge's Decision Actually Makes Children More Vulnerable

Judge Manuel Banales's decision to require convicted sex offenders to place signs in their front yards, and bumper stickers on their cars, serves only to fuel civil libertarian arguments against Megan's Law, and acts a quick fix to much more serious problems in our criminal justice system.

His decision demonstrates his lack of knowledge about childhood sexual abuse and perpetuates an ignorance about who really targets children - serving ultimately to make children across our entire nation more vulnerable. His decision has set childhood sexual abuse efforts back years.

Laura A. Ahearn, C.S.W.
Executive Director

If we really want to ELIMINATE childhood sexual abuse it will be accomplsihed with a combination of Megan's Law notifications, stiffer sentencing, stricter supervision, effective sex offender tratment programs (including civil confinemnt) and up-to-date parent education.

Don't buy into this.. it's a poorly thought out decision that demonstrates that even judges can be wrong.