The Secret Archives and How Bishop William Murphy Covered Up Sexual Atrocities Committed Against Children

Bishop William F. Murphy the current Bishop of the Rockville Centre Diocese on Long Island helped to orchestrate the largest cover-up of the sexual victimization of children in the history of our nation and the Vatican continues to allow him to supervise over 200,000 children in schools, religious education and youth sports programs.

I went to Boston and examined the "secret archive" files of accused priests in civil cases that were brought against the Boston Archdiocese. My intention was and is to bring to you in our community documents that tell a story, a story that we have discovered, is far different than the one reported by Bishop William Murphy himself.

Keep in mind that the Massachusetts Attorney General was unable to release to the public specific documents and accused priest secret archive files with the release of his grand jury report because they didn't hand out indictments. Covering up sex crimes against children wasn't a crime for priests and Bishops who were not required by law to report such crimes.

District Attorney Thomas J. Spota's Grand Jury report in New York gave many more details than did the Massachusetts report because a judge determined that the release of the information served a greater good - legislative recommendations.

The Massachusetts Attorney General did not find that Bishop William F. Murphy played no role in the massive cover-up of abuse, the opposite is true. The Attorney General found Bishop Murphy to play a vital role in the cover-up of the massive abuse of children. During his eight-year-tenure as second-in-command Bishop Murphy supervised the response to many sexual abuse cases.

And, even with undeniable information available to him on the risk of recidivism, Bishop Murphy continued to place a higher priority on preventing scandal and providing support to alleged abusers than on protecting children from sexual abuse. The problem was compounded because Bishop Murphy failed to recognize clergy sexual abuse of children as conduct deserving investigation and prosecution by public authorities. Instead, he viewed such crimes by priests as conduct deserving an internal pastoral response.

You'll find evidence of deception through omission and evidence of complete fabrication, which put children in grave danger in Boston.

Download this presentation which has the documents and memos that prove that Bishop Murphy helped an already accused child molester a job in a priest placement service placing other accused child molester priests in jobs where they could have contact with minors.

I warn you, it's a large file (16M), but well worth the wait.

Also, for those of you who don't have my background we've also included my biography.

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