Sex Offender Email Alert Program for Nassau and Suffolk County New York

Parents For Megan's Law (PFML) will actively notify you each time we are notified by either the Suffolk or Nassau County Police Departments of a moderate or high risk sex offender. Be advised, at this time, we are only notified of offenders residing within the Suffolk and Nassau County Police DepartmentÌs jurisdication, not within all local municipal police departments.

Please be aware that information on registered sex offenders is always available from our website and from our office at no cost. However, the Alert program is an additional service we are providing at the request of the community.

HereÌs How It Works

Register for the Nassau and Suffolk County Sex Offender Email Alert Program using the link off the home page titled Email Alert Programs. Each time a moderate or high risk sex offender notification from Suffolk or Nassau County is disseminated to us, we place that information, including photo, on our website at After signing up for the program you will receive email alerts informing you of the offenderÌs name, date of birth, zip code and a link to the page on our website where you can view the entire notification, including photo. If you do not have Internet access please contact our Helpline for additional instructions.

Parents For Megan's Law is a not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization whose mission is to prevent and treat childhood sexual abuse through the provision of education, advocacy, counseling, victim services, policy and legislative support services.

Register Now!

Go to the home page and click on Email Alert Programs. DOwnload the registration form and mail it to Parents for Megan's Law.