Newsday/Chau Lam

Elwin Alcantara, a 19 year old New Cassel man who raped a college student in 2001 and two yearslater was caught having sex with a 13 year old girl, was sentenced yesterday to 9 years in prison.Alcantara was one of two men Nassau prosecutors said sexually assaulted the student, then 22, asshe was walking home alone from the Westbury train station on November 23, 2001. His accompliceremains at large. The crime remained unsolved until summer 2003, when Alcantara was caught havingsex with the underage girl in his car. He was charged with statutory rape. His semen, found on theteen, was sent out for DNA testing and results were entered into a law enforcement computerdatabase. His DNA profile matched that of the man who attacked the college student. Alcantarapleaded guilty to first degree-rape in satisfaction of both cases, which were combined. Inexchange, prosecutors dropped other charges: second-degree assault, attempted robbery and escape,and statutory rape.

(New York)