A 15 year old rape victim who came to court yesterday to confront her attackers needed a police escort after relatives of the defendants greeted her with catcalls, taunts and threats.  Both the adults and the kids were cursing her and calling her all sorts of names.  All of the attackers pleaded guilty to first degree rape, but only ringleader Xavier Hamilton, 18, got serious time, four years in prison.    Prosecutors said he masterminded the October 11, 2006, attack at his home in southeast Queens.  The other defendants - Corey Clarke, 17, Keron Grant, 18, and Jeremy Hill, 19 - each got a year behind bars.  Hamilton asked the victim to come over and help him work on his online MySpace page, then invited his three friends to trap the victim in his home.  While the victim worked on his computer, the group encircled her, taking turns raping her before letting her go.  The teens pleaded guilty in exchange for reduced sentences and youthful offender status.

(New York)