May 19, 2021
Jon Burkett

RICHMOND, Va. -- A former state and federal special prosecutor, who is now a criminal defense attorney, was indicted by a grand jury for rape, object sexual penetration, and aggravated sexual battery.
Matthew Pinsker was taken at the Henrico County Jail Wednesday and later he was released on bond.
"Two of the charges carry up to life in prison if convicted, so they're very high-level charges,” CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone said.
Pinsker served as a VCU adjunct professor at the Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs from 2013 to February 12, 2021, according to VCU spokesman Michael Porter,
He left VCU a week after a woman accused him of a number of sex crimes.
The incident report showed the crime was reported happening at a law office on Dominion Boulevard in western Henrico.
Indictments also stated the victim was in a state of mental incapacity or helplessness.
"That's the sort of thing you see when there's an allegation that someone used a drug to knock someone out,” said Stone. “Sometimes that language pops up when there's a disability or extreme intoxication, where there's a level of taking advantage of someone against their will."
This is a developing story.,penetration%20and%20aggravated%20sexual%20battery.&text=RICHMOND%2C%20Va.,penetration%2C%20and%20aggravated%20sexual%20battery.

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