ROBBERS SHOOT ALLEGED CHILD MOLESTER (Fugitive Gunned Down Delivering Pizza, Evenutally Arrested)

Wilbur Lee Ellison, a 43 year old Alabama fugitive wanted on sexual abuse charges, is under arrest in Texas after he was shot and seriously wounded by robbers while delivering pizzas there.  In March 1996, he allegedly traveled from Shelby County, Alabama to Jacksonville, Florida with two of his children and three others from the neighborhood.  The children ranged in age from 8 to 13 years at that time.  He allegedly had sexual contact with at least one of the juveniles.  He has been living in Port Arthur, Texas, under the name Timothy Moore and had a job delivering pizzas and has been receiving treatment at a local hospital since January 9 when he was shot and seriously wounded on the job during a robbery.  A tip from a citizen who had seen him featured as one of Alabama's Top 12 Most Wanted Fugitives provided the FBI with the lead that led to his capture.

(Birmingham, Alabama)