Daily News/Oren Yaniv and Michael White

A 13 year old girl escaped the clutches of a pervert who impersonated a cop to lure her into hiscar in Queens yesterday. The girl was able to flee the 8 a.m. attack in Corona after a goodSamaritan approached the parked Lincoln Town Care, distracting the driver. The girl, who was on herway to Intermediate School 61, was standing in the street, giving him directions, when she wasalmost hit by a passing vehicle. He takes advantage of that and tells her, You are going to gethurt. Come sit in the car. He drove away, eventually pulling over and telling the girl he had tocheck her for weapons. He patted her down as she actually thinks he is a copy until he gets to herwaist and tries to pull down her pants. She started screaming and was heard by a passerby, whoengaged the driver in conversation allowing the girl to escape.

(New York)