A local mother is questioning the district's security policies after her daughter was sexually assaulted in the stairwell of Longwood Senior High School three weeks ago past school hours.  The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous due to the nature of the assault said, The individual security people are very good.  I blame the administration that sets up the guidelines for the security.  Give me some confidence here that my daughter is going to be protected.   A male student cornered and assaulted the girl in the high school stairwell at 2:15.  He was suspended for five days, but reportedly was spotted on school grounds during his suspension.  Soon after, the suspect was arrested after the victim's family filed a police report.  The principal, Leonard Bozza, said, We have 17 security guards in the building.  I think you're hardpressed to find a school that has that number.  Superintendent Candee Swenson, claims that the Longwood School District has one of the best security systems that you will find in any school district, and said other districts have modeled themselves after Longwood.  While she confirmed that the high school does not have cameras in the stairwells, she also noted that uniformed security officers patrol the school 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and video surveillance cameras are monitored around the clock.

(New York)