January 15, 2020
Wadena PJ

Daniel Oweitoboh Fernand Eguwe, 49, formerly of Sebeka, is set to be sentenced for sex crime charges in March after entering a guilty plea this month.
His charges include two counts of felony first degree criminal sexual conduct including penetration with a teenager under age 16, and one count of felony first degree criminal sexual conduct including penetration with a child under age 13.
A planned jury trial scheduled for Jan. 7 was canceled when a guilty plea was made, according to court records. Eguwe originally entered a plea of not guilty to the charges stemming from a January 2012 complaint, which includes two court cases. He has since pleaded guilty to the third charge, criminal sexual conduct, including penetration with a child under age 16, for each of the two cases.
Conviction would mean a minimum 12-year sentence and a maximum 30 years.
Court records state that Eguwe was in a relationship with a Sebeka woman and, on several occasions, he performed sexual acts with the woman’s two daughters while their mother was at work. Court records state a victim said the sexual acts occurred while the children were between 7 or 8 and 10 or 11.
According to the complaint against Eguwe, the two victims were interviewed and said Eguwe would place a blanket over their heads and hold them down while he performed the acts.
Eguwe had his first appearance on these charges in September 2019. He is now set to be sentenced in March. Eguwe said in an interview with officers, “I know I did it, I’m not going to beat around the bush or waste anybody’s time.”
Eguwe has a prior conviction of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct from 2003 in Hennepin County.

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