Joseph Castrovinci, a 14 year old boy accused of sexually assaulting two minors, including a 7 year old child, was ordered by Judge Charles Gill back to school despite being charged with the multiple counts of sexual assault.  Gill had earlier said he considered Castrovinci to be a danger to himself and others but at a bail hearing he said the best place for him would be with his parents and at New Milford High School, not jail.  His lawyers must find a residential treatment program for the teen.  Catrovinci was arrested last month and charged with five counts of first-degree sexual assault, five counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and five counts of risk of injury to a minor.  He will face trial as an adult and at home he will be monitored electronically and not be allowed to leave except for medical appointments.  The judge ordered him to be accompanied by an adult to monitor his behavior in class, hallways and the school cafeteria and to be transported to school separately from others and to use a separate bathroom from his classmates.

(Litchfield, Connecticut)