James Teal, 38, of 553 Larkfield Rd, East Northport, was arrested and charged with sodomizing a 6 year old boy after drugging him with sleeping medication.  He also plotted with Donald Sparling, 50, of 358 E. Manhasset St., Islip, to lure a 13 year old Wisconsin girl to New York to be used as a sex slave.  Police began an investigation of the men two days after Christmas 2002 when they were told about sexually explicit photographs of the boy on Teal's computer.  Teal acknowledged the photos were his and also told investigators he had sodomized the boy within the past two weeks.  He also told police he planned to keep the girl inside his rented home and use her purely for sexual gratification.  He told them that he wanted to impregnate the girl so that he could have a child of his own.  Teal and Sparling also practice sadomasochistic sex and bestiality. Teal was arraigned on two counts of first degree sodomy and use of a child as a sexual performance.  He was being held at the Suffolk County jail on $500,000 bond or $100,000 bail.  Sparling was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to charges of felony possession of a sexual performance of a child and fifth degree conspiracy, a misdemeanor.  He was being held at the Suffolk County jail on $500,000 bail.  Police are desperately trying to locate several underage girls who communicated through a computer chat room with the two accused cyberpervs.  They're trying to track them down to see if they ever met and were victimized by the suspects and to make certain they don't link up with other cyberpervs.  Any parents who think their daughters might have been in touch with the two are asked to call police at 631-852-6279.  

Teal cried like a baby as he copped a guilty plea to 54 sex counts April 28, including drugging the 6 year old boy with sleeping pills.  He wept as he was forced to list every one of the counts against him.  He surprised prosecutors by pleading guilty to the charges, which also included making and possessing kiddie porn.  He is expected to be sentenced to 20 years in prison and five years of post-release supervision at his next hearing May 27.  He promised to spill the beans on Sparling.  

Sparling pleaded guilty to multiple sex counts including attempted rape for plotting with Teal to turn the 13 year old girl into a sex slave.  He copped to 13 of 57 counts against him, including conspiracy and charges related to accepting and exchanging kiddie porn over the Internet.  He is expected to be sentenced to five to 15 years in prison at his next hearing, on May 27.  

(New York)