Police in Maryland were searching Christmas Eve for a missing 11-year-old girl last seenwearing fuzzy Christmas pajamas, and they have charged Thomas J. Leggs Jr., a 30 year oldregistered child sex offender, in her disappearance.  Leggs, of Salibury, is charged withburglary and with kidnapping Sara H. Foxwell.  A charging document says Leggs was the lastperson seen with Sarah.  A juvenile witness awoke during the night Tuesday and saw Sarahleave the bedroom with Tommy, and said he was wearing blue jeans, an orange jacket and whitesneakers.  Sarah's aunt says her green toothbrush was missing from the home she lives in withher aunt.  Deputies found a green toothbrush and a lollipop in a truck Leggs admitteddriving.  Leggs said he had been wearing jeans and white sneakers the previous night, the sameclothes he was wearing when police questioned him.  Sarah is white, 4'8, weighs 78 pounds, hasbrown hair and blue eyes.  When she disappeared, she was wearing red fuzzy pajama bottoms withChristmas trees on them and a pink John Deere T-shirt.  Leggs is listed on the Maryland andDelaware sex offender registries.  The Maryland listing notes that he is a child sex offender,but does not give details about his conviction.  In 2001, Leggs was convicted in Delaware ofrape for having sex with a victim who was 16 or 17, according to the Delaware registry.  Theregistry describes his risk level as high and notes he is unemployed. 
(Salisbury, Maryland)