The show, which premiered at 1 p.m. Monday, lists sex offenders names and show their photos.  The goal is to protect people by making them more informed.  The idea for the show first came up last summer, when the Binghamton city school district stopped automatically mailing out sex offender notifications.  Convicted Level 3 offender Earl Gould says the show is reminiscent of the city's discriminatory attempt to restrict where sex offenders could live and work.  Gould was convicted for sodomizing 5 teenagers, the most recent in 1997.  He says he's rehabilitated, and just trying to live his life: something other offenders have told NewsChannel 34 in past, before the were re-arrested for committing another sex crime.  One of them: Earl's friend, Brian Whitney.  Show organizers believe that now, the ones that may re-offend have something else standing in the way of potential victims.