At least five school workers accused of sexually harassing or abusing students are collecting fat paychecks to push paper because city Education officials can't fire them.  The four tenured teachers and once guidance counselor were ordered back into the classroom by an arbitrator.  The current teachers contract for making it nearly impossible to fire senior teachers is being blamed.  

- Francisco Olivares, a Queens math teacher, was accused of kissing a seventh grader, but an independent arbitrator cleared him to go back to class in May 2003 as long as he did not stand dangerously close to kids.  Olivares earns $76,445 annually.  In 1989, he dodged allegations that he rubbed up against a student and snapped inappropriate pictures of another one.  

- Cary Hershkowitz, a chemistry teacher, spent the past 5 1/2 years sitting in administrative office for sending sexually explicit E-mails to a student at Health Profession and Human Services High School in Manhattan.  He earns $81,232.  An arbitrator gave him a one year suspension, which he served.  Radhasamar Upadhyaya, a guidance counselor, allegedly sexually abused a 15 year old learning disabled student from Long Island City High School in Queens in his home.  He is paid $71,793 yearly.  An arbitrator scolded him in spring 2003 with a three day suspension for failing to alert school officials about his arrest, but ultimately concluded the student was not credible.

- Allan Rosenfeld, a Queens middle school teacher, reportedly leered at girls as they walked out of the bathroom.  He is still paid $81,232.  An arbitrator fined him with a week's suspension in May 2003.  

(New York)