John Jamelske, 68, is charged with abducting a 16 year old girl and sexually abusing her while holding her captive for months in basement vault.  Photos found in his home in DeWitt, a Syracuse suburb, show other women chained in the horrifying dungeon.  He was arrested with the girl in his car after she had managed to secretly make two phone calls to her family.  She told police she was taken captive in October 2002 after Jamelske offered her a ride and was held for the first four months in a basement concrete bunker where she was chained to a wall.  The girl was never reported missing because she had a history of running away from home.

Jamelske, who kept four women chained in the dungeon, forced his victims to keep a calendar logging when they'd been raped, when they'd showered and when they'd brushed their teeth.  Detectives also found an odd, 10 foot high wooden torture device in the backyard.  Jamelske faced kidnapping, rape and sodomy charges.

The latest victim to accuse Jamelske says that after he abruptly freed her in 1998, she begged cops to track down her mysterious kidnapper, only to be openly mocked.  He allegedly went on to rape and sexually torture at least two more women, including the 16 year old girl, before being nabbed.  The shaken 53 year old woman said, They [Syracuse cops] screamed at me and said they didn't believe me.  They pounded the tale with their fists and said I was...making up a story.  One investigator said to me, 'It's not that [the story] is outrageous, but usually, if someone gets kidnapped, they don't come home alive,' the woman told the Syracuse Post-Standard.

Jamelske pleaded guilty to five counts of first degree kidnapping.  Under a plea deal, he was sentenced to 18 years to life.  Each count carried a maximum penalty of 25 years to life.

Lawyers for Jamelske are asking that the convicted serial kidnapper and rapist be assigned to a special prison unit in the Adirondacks where high-profile convicts are often sent for their own protection.  State Department of Correctional Services spokeswoman Linda Foglia said yesterday that his placement was still being reviewed and no decision had been made.

(Syracuse, New York)