SEX TEACHER GOES FREE (Due in rehab today)

Sandra Beth Geisel, a 42 year old teacher, was jailed August 1, 2005, on charges she raped and endangered the welfare of an underage classmate and friend of her 17 year old son at Christian Brothers Academy in Colonie, outside of Albany.  Geisel, an alcoholic, also may have plied kids with booze on a school trip.  She was recently hospitalized for alcohol dependency and also busted in December 2004 for DWI.  

In a stunning accusation, Geisel's lawyer said it was the teacher who was victimized and taken advantage of.  In his most expansive comments since Geisel turned herself in to police, the lawyer hinted that the 16 year old boy who authorities said slept with Geisel might have forced sex or coerced her into it.  Meanwhile, investigators have been unable to locate Geisel's estranged husband.  He has custody of the couple's four children and is paying his wife $1,000 a month during the separation, has sold the family house in Latham.  The only address officials have for him is at the bank where he works, and he has not been reachable there.   

A seemingly obsessed and out of control Geisel may have bombarded the boys with phone calls after the twisted trysts.  She repeatedly called the 16 year old she is charged with raping as well as at least two 17 year old students she is said to have slept with.

A sleazy Web site has published the name and photo of the 16 year old, outraging the district attorney prosecuting the case.  The two older classmates of the boy also have had their names and photos outed by the Internet blog.  It is unclear who is operating the Internet blog that outed the three boys, who are shown wearing the military uniform of the academy.  The blog claims two of the boys, including Geisel's alleged rape victim, blackmailed her into having sex with them by threatening to expose her having had sex with the third boy.

Geisel was indicted on September 9, 2005, on three counts of rape and one of committing a criminal sex act, each punishable by up to four years in prison.  She pleaded not guilty on September 13 to the charges shortly after prosecutors turned over a thick stack of evidence against her.  The package handed over to defense lawyers during the arraignment included two sets of telephone records totaling 164 pages that sources have told The Post show Geisel was out of control and constantly contacting the students she is accused of bedding.

On September 26, Geisel pleaded guilty to a single count of felony rape and will be sentenced to six months in jail.  She also pleaded guilty, but will receive no additional jail time, to driving while intoxicated, stemming from an August arrest while out on bail.

On November 21, Geisel was sentenced to the six month jail term after the judge bizarrely lashed out at the young victims in the case, calling them predators.  Albany County Judge Stephen W. Herrick said Geisel had been manipulated, used and sexually abused by these boys, adding that she became a playmate to them.

Geisel was freed from jail on December 15 after serving more than four months for rape.

(New York)