SEX WITH TEACHER TOOK BOY’S YOUTH (Experts say 13 year old victim may take years to understand consequences of act)

Rebecca Ann Schroeder, 28, was sentenced Friday to 12 months in jail, a year on an electronic tether under house arrest and five years probation for engaging in sexual intercourse with a 13 year old boy.  She is also prohibited from seeing him and is required to pay for his counseling.  The boy could be dealing with the consequences of her actions for a lifetime.  Not only did Schroeder break the law and take advantage of a child, she didn't think of the ridicule the young man would face, the youth she stole from him or the emotional scars she would leave, said Macomb County Circuit Judge Pat Donofrio during her sentencing.  In a letter to the judge, the boy said he loves Schroeder and asked the judge not to sentence her to any jail time.  Schroeder is a mother of two and was rooming with the boy's older sister.  Schroeder said she loves him and in love letters talked of marrying him.

(Mt. Clemens, Michigan)