SMILE, PERV – YOU’RE BUSTED! (Girls snap cell phone photo in subway and run for cops)

Wilfredo Ponte, a 57 year old vagrant, was caught in a flash yesterday by feisty Catholic schoolgirls armed with a cell-phone camera in Queens.  Ponte flashed the teens twice last week as they rode the F train toward their high school in Jamaica Estates.  One of the girls snapped his photo with her cell phone and ran to NYPD Officer Vincent Tieniber for help.  He looked at the picture, ran down to the platform and spotted Ponte getting on a train, grabbed him and took him upstairs where the girl IDs him.  Ponte, who is homeless,  was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and public lewdness.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA (Pictures taken with cell phones have helped capture a host of suspects):

- Last week in Utah, photos stored in a 31 year old man's cell phone led to his arrest for sexually assaulting at least two kids.  The suspect's friend saw the images and called police.

- Two Atlantic City bandits snapped pictures of themselves carrying an AK-47 that had been used to shoot three men last December.  Cops found the photos when a suspect's cell phone kept ringing, as he was being interrogated.

- Last August, a 15 year old Clifton, New Jersey, boy helped capture a man who tried to lure him into his car.  The boy used his cell phone to snap the man's license plate.  Cops grabbed the 59 year old suspect the next day.

(New York)