Newsday/AP/Jim Salter
Adam Michael Capriglione, a 29 year old St. Louis County man, sexually tortured five womenin his apartment at separate times over a period of several years, using threats and psychologicalcontrol to keep them from leaving or going to police.  Capriglione faces 19 felony chargesincluding forcible rape, forcible sodomy, felonious restraint and domestic assault. Authorities said the crimes date back eight years, but police were first alerted in January. A victim who met Capriglione on an Internet social site went to a medical center to be treated forinjuries allegedly inflicted in one of their encounters.  Each case followed a remarkablysimilar pattern with Capriglione and the woman establishing a romantic relationship that soonescalated into extreme violence.  He was able to keep the women from leaving him or going topolice by using threats and inflicting a psychological hold on them.  One woman was allegedlychoked until she fell unconscious.  That same woman was allegedly burned with heated scissors,cut, and beaten with a rubber mallet.  He allegedly covered the face of another with plasticwrap, and punched another in the eye.  He is also accused of deviate and potentially harmfulsexual activities with women.  In some cases, dangerous objects were used to sodomizethem.  One of the women was underage at the time the relationship began in 2007, andCapriglione faces a charge of sexual exploitation of a minor for allegedly videotaping herperforming sex acts.  He also faces a child endangerment charge because a 4 year old was inthe apartment at the time of his arrest, and a knife was found in a cereal box.