Gwendolyn Pharr, a 42 year old Brooklyn woman on trial for allegedly raping a teenage boy, is under investigation for the murder of a former boyfriend.  Pharr, of 315 Livonia Avenue - who is free pending the rape trial - testified before a grand jury recently regarding her ex-boyfriend's death.  The grand jury is considering indicting her on a murder charge in connection with the death.  Meanwhile, the mother of two is accused of having sex with a 13 year old boy in a Brooklyn community center.  She testified yesterday that the teen invented the affair out of revenge.  Pharr is a supervisor at the Brownsville Community Center's afterschool program.  She claimed the teen concocted a lurid tale of sexual abuse to get back at her for scolding him for smoking pot.  The boy, who is now 14, took the witness stand last month and accused her of having sex with him twice on March 5, 2002, - once in her office at the center and then at her apartment in the nearby Tilden Houses.  He described her apartment, including a pink toy jeep that belongs to her 5 year old daughter.  He also charged that they watched pornographic movies in her bedroom.  Pharr faces up to 21 years in prison if convicted in the nonjury trial.  She has been charged with rape, sodomy, sex abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.  She denies the charges.  Her babysitter, Pauline Welch, also took the stand and testified that Pharr came home alone that night.

(New York)