Ralph Andrews, a man serving a life sentence for killing a woman, has been charged in theabduction, rape, shooting and evisceration of 16 year old Susan Clarke and bragging of his crimesto other inmates.  Andrews is already incarcerated for the death of 44 year old VirginiaGriffin whose body had been cut open and mutilated like Susan's had been and whose blood policefound on his clothing days after she was stabbed to death.  During a recorded conversation,Andres said he picked up Susan, tied her up, sexually assaulted her, shot her in the head, thenstabbed her and dragged her out of his car.  Police are also treating Andrews as a suspect inthe murder of 15 year old Amy Alden who was killed five years before Susan and the murder of 14year old Arvella Thomas who was killed a year after Susan. 
(Chicago, Illinois)