Lois Enden, a 55 year old Queens school aide, raped a former student when he was just 11 and then made an apology captured on tape.  Enden was arraigned on May 18, 2007 on statutory rape and sodomy charges.  She has been suspended from her job at Public School 196 in Forest Hills.  I'm sorry, Enden told the victim, now 19, unaware that he was wearing a wire.  I'm so sorry.  When the victim happened to see Enden walking her dog, it sparked dark memories and a friend pushed him to call police.  He remained silent about allegedly having sex with Enden on numerous occasions in 1999 and 2000 until he saw her.  State law does not impose a statute of limitations in this case because the accuser was a minor at the time.  Enden is charged with five counts of second degree rape and two counts of second degree sodomy.  She faced seven years in prison if convicted.

Enden admitted raping the student and pleaded guilty to statutory rape on July 23.  

(New York)