Mark Levy, a 31 year old two-timing Bronx high-school teacher, who had sex with one of his 15 year old students while romancing her go-go dancer mom, was sentenced to weekends in jail.  Bronx Criminal Court Judge Ralph Fabrizio ripped into Levy who is a special-education teacher.  Fabrizio issued an order of protection barring Levy from contacting the teen.  Levy was teaching at Christopher Columbus HS in The Bronx where the girl was a student when he began an affair with her mother.  He began having sex with her three months later while baby-sitting for her and her 5 year old sister.  He continued having sex with the daughter after breaking up with the mother last May.  He was ordered to spend the next six months of weekends at Rikers Island for statutory rape and child endangerment and serve 10 years' probation.

(New York)