TEENAGER INDICTED FOR RAPING 10-YEAR-OLD GIRL DURING BURGLARY. The indictment details that after breaking into the room where the girl and her younger siblings were sleeping, the young man laid next to her and began licking and biting her face.

February 21, 2021
J Post

A 17-year-old was indicted in the Beersheba District Youth Court on Sunday for allegedly breaking into a house in southern Israel and stealing items before forcing indecent sexual acts on a 10-year old girl.

According to the indictment, late one night toward the end of January, the young man arrived at a town in southern Israel along with two others, and broke into the house along with a 16-year-old accomplice as the residents were sleeping, while the third, older accomplice waited in the car.

The men proceeded to look for valuables in the house, found the family’s car keys, and looked for valuables in the car as well, before going back inside the house to search again.

At a certain point during the night, the 17-year-old entered the room where the 10-year old was sleeping alongside her younger siblings.

The indictment details that at this point, he laid alongside the girl and began licking and biting her face. The girl woke up and told him to leave, at which point he began to sodomize her.

After the girl shouted and began calling her father over, the two men escaped from the house, carrying NIS 50 and a variety of toys which they had stolen. They threw the toys away as they ran and escaped in the get-away vehicle, where the older accomplice had been waiting for them.

The prosecution has requested to extend the 17-year-old’s arrest until the legal proceedings against him are completed, adding that there is another indictment currently being filed by Israel Police against the same three suspects for various property offenses.


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