TERI PERV AT RISK (Jailed uncle in solitary)

Richard Hayes Stone, the 66 year old child molesting uncle of Teri Hatcher, was moved into isolation for his own protection, after the actress went public last week with abuse claims against him.  Desperate for justice, Hatcher risked her career as a Hollywood star to put her perverted uncle behind bars 30 years after he repeatedly molested her as a child.  Four years ago, after learning the a teenager with a similar complaint against Stone had killed herself, Hatcher feared he would escape prosecution and went to cops with her story.  Hatcher learned that a molesting victim, Sarah Van Cleemput, had killed herself and left a suicide note that led cops to Hatcher's uncle.  After that, she could no longer keep the secret to herself.  I knew he would not have gone to prison if I hadn't come forward, she said.  Stone was charged with four counts of child molestation for sexually abusing Sarah and her 12 year old friend.  In 2002, after Hatcher came forward, Stone, 64 at the time, pleaded guilty and received a 14 year jail sentence, sparing the actress the torment of testifying at a trial.