California Rep. Lynn Woolsey's reprehensible behavior in a recent rape case has been buried by the national press and National Organization for Women elites. This is what they won't tell you: Last July, Stewart Pearson, a 20 year old thug, soaked a rag in toilet bowl cleanser and Ajax and used it to smother 17 year old Tina Phan while she was sleeping in her Terra Linda, California home.  She gasped and tried to fend him off, but he overpowered her with a knife. Pearson raped and brutalized Tina. She said he told her he had committed the same crimes before and planned to do it again. Tina bravely persisted in pressing charges.  Pearson initially denied raping her but admitted his guilt last fall. As first reported by the Marin Independent Journal, Woolsey, an outspoken feminist and anti-violence-preaching Democrat, attempted to intervene in the case.  On her official stationery, she sent a letter to the local presiding juge in support of the convicted rapist. She wrote: Stewart Pearson is a young man from a supportive family. I believe he has a promising life ahead of him, and I urge you to consider these factors when deciding on a suitable sentence.  She further noted that he had volunteered for her campaign stuffing envelopes, as if that would somehow mitigate the violence he committed against Tina, whose promising life Woolsey didn't bother to show an ounce of concern for at all. The judge, thankfully, ignored Woolsey and sentenced Pearson to eight years in prison, the maximum allowed under a plea deal.  

Turns out Pearson is the son of one of Woolsey's aides.  Woolsey told the Marin newspaper, In my mind, he is not a criminal. She admitted she knew nothing about Tina's rape case and Had no idea what the courts had found.

Tina has courageously gone public to hold Pearson and Woolsey accountable for their actions. Her congresswoman, Tina blasted, represents the rapist who took advantage.