Would be kidnappers have been trying to abduct young boys and girls in well-to-do suburbs of New York City.  The predators, a man and a woman, have hit six times in the last month, attempting to lure children off the streets of Greenwich, Connecticut and Rye, New York.  They may have tried again yesterday in New Rochelle, New York.  The couple offered a 10 year old boy a ride home from Rye Neck Middle School, then chased him and tried to grab his sweatshirt.  The first incident was reported October 15 in Greenwich when a man in his 30s tried to convince two young girls to get in his van.  A week later he and a female passenger in the car when he approached a boy on the street.  This week they hit three times in three days, once trying to entice three boys into the van with the promise of Halloween candy.