TOE-SUCKING TRUCKER ACCUSED OF MOLESTING BOY (Missouri Police Seek Possible Victims in Other States)

John Hooker, a 46 year old Massachusetts truck driver with a fetish for sucking children's toes is being held for allegedly molesting a boy after he paid him and a friend to go skinny dipping.  He told investigators that he has been convicted of abusing children back east.  Police are trying to determine if he has committed similar crimes while traveling across the United States as a trucker.  He told local authorities that he was convicted in Massachusetts in 1991 for assaulting two boys, he was fired as a bus driver in New York State in 1987 for sucking a 9 year old girl's toes, he was arrested August 13 after parents of two boys learned the truck driver allegedly abused their children and possibly intended to kidnap them.  According to, he stopped at  a local park in this Missouri community that afternoon and offered the 11 and 12 year old boys $40 to go skinny dipping with him at a creek in the park.  The boys took the money and swam naked with the stranger but while they were in the water, Hooker allegedly began playing a game he called Alligator in which he swam up underneath the boys and bit them on their toes.  The boys and Hooker got dressed when the father of one of the boys yelled for his son and the father told the boys that they would be going home in an hour.  Hooker then attempted to bribe the boys not to tell their parents what happened in the water by buying them hunting and pocket knives at a nearby convenience store.  The boys told the parents when asked where they got the knives.

The parents went back to the park to find Hooker and held him until deputies arrived.  He is charged with forcible sodomy and indecent exposure and is being held in lieu of $75,000 bail.

(Pineville, Missouri)