TORTURE SCUM TO ROT IN CELL (Judge rages at rape-slayers)

A teenage girl recounted a harrowing tale of being bound with duct tape and sexually assaulted by two thugs also on trial for the rape and murder of Romona Moore, a 21 year old Hunter College student.  They told me...if I act up, they'll have to kill me like they did the other girl the day before, because she was feisty, the 18 year old testified about her alleged captivity in April 2003 in a Brooklyn basement apartment by Troy Hendrix and Kayson Pearson.  The girl was 15 at the time.  She said she was locked out of high school for being late on April 28 when she met one of the thugs on the street.  He said, 'You seem cool.  Do you want to chill with me?' she quoted him as saying.  She went to his basement apartment and watched TV, she said.  But when she wanted to leave, the men threw a pillowcase over her head, bound her with her shoelaces and duct tape and repeatedly sexually assaulted her.  

The disgusted Brookyn judge threw the book at the two heartless thugs on April 11, 2006, calling the men worse than animals as he handed down the maximum sentence of life plus 25 years.  That word is not appropriate because animals do not torture each other, said Supreme Court Justice Albert Tomei.  You're going to be consigned to a place where there is no love, there is no compassion, which is cold and lonely.  And you'll be consigned to that place for a very, very long time, the judge added.

You saw her.  You looked at her...You could have smiled and let her walk by.  You could have simply said, 'Hi.  But you let evil take you.  You mutilated her...The pain is unbearable, said Patricia Doulgas, Ramona's aunt in court.

(New York)