New York Post/Laura Haliano

Carl Timothy Fisher, a 37 year old wealthy and violent West Village child molester, remains freeand is now going virtually unmonitored as he awaits the outcome of his probation and publiclewdness cases. Fisher, a registered sex offender who groped a sleeping 11 year old girl at hisfamily's Connecticut home in 1996, strode cockily yesterday out of a Manhattan courthouse after ahearing on a case in which he's charged with standing naked and masturbating on the stoop of his $3million Bank Street townhouse in May as kids passed by. Since then, arraignment judges in bothDanbury and Manhattan have set him free on affordable bails. West Village neighbors are prayingthat the Connecticut judge scheduled to see him tomorrow will do the right thing - and keep him upnorth. On August 14, a judge in Danbury will hold a pre-trial hearing on whether Fisher is inviolation of his probation.

(New York)